Three Ways that Intensive Outpatient Programs Can Help You Recover From Addiction

Three Ways that Intensive Outpatient Programs Can Help You Recover From AddictionThere are a number of different types of addiction treatment available, and one of the most popular of those treatments is an intensive outpatient program (IOP). IOP’s are designed to provide care for addicted individuals that do no require medically assisted detox and are able to maintain a life outside of their treatment, as this form of care is only part-time. This type of program is very different from the generic inpatient treatment program, as addicted individuals will reside at home rather than within the confines of the facility. An IOP may be a good option for recovering California addicts who do not require medical assistance or supervision.

Three Ways IOP’s Can Help California Addicts Recover

California addicts in intensive outpatient programs are able to sustain their lives outside of rehab while utilizing the skills they learn in treatment to achieve long-term sobriety. Three ways that IOP’s can help you recover include the following:

  • Developing relapse prevention skills – IOP’s place an extreme emphasis on relapse prevention skills, as this will likely be the most important aspect of your continued sobriety. Taking the time to learn relapse prevention skills, how you can apply them, and what results can come from them can be greatly beneficial in maintaining sobriety.
  • Getting educated about addiction – A lack of education about addiction can be extremely dangerous, especially if you continue to use or are on the verge of relapsing. IOP’s are prepared to teach you all about addiction – from how it affects the body to how it can impact those around you. As you learn about addiction, you can focus on staying sober rather than giving in to your disease.
  • Establishing spirituality – Through practices such as the 12-step program, IOP’s can help you connect to your spiritual side. For many recovering addicts, spirituality provides the hope and faith they needed to feel supported during their darkest hours.

Intensive outpatient programs can help recovering addicts develop relapse prevention skills, learn more about addiction and establish spirituality that will help them both obtain and maintain recovery.

How California Addicts Can Determine if IOP’s Are the Right Choice

With so many treatment options available, it can be complicated for California addicts to determine if intensive outpatient programs are right for them. Therefore, it is important to remember that IOP’s are designed to help treat individuals who struggle with substance abuse, co-occurring disorders and mental health issues. Each IOP will work with you to determine if you are a right fit for the program by administering an assessment of your condition before moving forward. If you are interested in this type of treatment, speak with an admissions coordinator or addiction counselor to determine if an IOP will meet your treatment needs.

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